Monday, April 30, 2007

Cabinet Color Scheme

Based on some feedback from a few people at the BYOAC forums and some friends I've shown the designs to, I've decided to create a 2-tone cabinet as shown here.
Suggestions from others who have built cabinets tell me it's time to start ordering components - from what I understand, building the cabinet can go quickly and then you're waiting for all the different parts to arrive.
I've gone ahead and ordered my first component - a Happ 3" trackball in translucent green - it'll light up and should look great on the control panel. Now I'm trying to decide on buttons - lit or unlit. I like the idea of buttons lit up via LEDs, but it might be too much. Solid green buttons might do just fine.
I ordered the trackball from Tornado Terry's on Sunday at a great price. I received an email from Terry telling me it shipped today. Great service. You can find Tornado Terry's arcade components and other stuff here.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Website information

While I'll be using the blog format to provide pictures and commentary during the build, I've also created a website (sort of a sub-website on my small business site) where I'll be posting references/links, possibly some video, and other randomness.

While I'm waiting to start on the cutting (next weekend), I've been playing with color concepts for the cabinet. You can view what I've come up with so far here.
I really only like option #2... maybe 4, but I like the black Control Panel and I think it will look good with green buttons and a trackball.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

It always seems to start with a book...

... and that book is "Project Arcade" by John St. Clair - you can get a copy from here.

...and the Project starts...

Welcome to my (hopefully successful) attempt at documenting a complete MAME arcade cabinet. I'll be providing photos and text to describe the process - I'll throw in a parts list and some links to my favorite references and maybe this project will be beneficial to someone else...

For those of you who aren't exactly certain what a MAME arcade cabinet is, you're about to find out...