Monday, April 30, 2007

Cabinet Color Scheme

Based on some feedback from a few people at the BYOAC forums and some friends I've shown the designs to, I've decided to create a 2-tone cabinet as shown here.
Suggestions from others who have built cabinets tell me it's time to start ordering components - from what I understand, building the cabinet can go quickly and then you're waiting for all the different parts to arrive.
I've gone ahead and ordered my first component - a Happ 3" trackball in translucent green - it'll light up and should look great on the control panel. Now I'm trying to decide on buttons - lit or unlit. I like the idea of buttons lit up via LEDs, but it might be too much. Solid green buttons might do just fine.
I ordered the trackball from Tornado Terry's on Sunday at a great price. I received an email from Terry telling me it shipped today. Great service. You can find Tornado Terry's arcade components and other stuff here.

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