Saturday, February 2, 2008

Business was crazy for the start of the new year, so the month of January was a bust for getting anything done.
I was able to get the bezel template cut and then transferred it to a black 1/4" foam board. The foam board is from Elmer's (the glue people) and was 32" x 40" for only $5.50. Just cut it with a box cutter.

I've found a couple of glass shops nearby that have given me some nice quotes on tempered "smoke glass" - I'm going to run out this next week and check them out before purchasing, but I'm hoping to have the glass in my possession for insertion next weekend.

I took other people's advice and finished my cabinet BEFORE touching the Control Panel. Now the motivation to get the CP done is high and I'm ready to start.


NXTMonger said...

This is really cool machine you're building, Jim!
I wish I could be there to see it when it's done.


Jim Kelly said...

I'll be posting a video on the blog when it's done... showing it in action and sounds and such... thanks!


Andy said...

Awsome Jim! I've been checking by this blog once a while to see the updates, exciting to read about, makes me want to make my own :-P